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My 5 Favorites: August Edition

August 3, 2015

I must admit, I get excited to share these every month...especially whenever you let me know that you ordered one of the products :)


Here are my new favorites!


1. Tin Star Foods Grass Fed GHEE


It hasn't been a secret that I am sensitive to dairy, so I have to use ghee instead of butter.  Usually, I make my own...but we had 4 weddings this month and I have been launching my new business, start a few new side jobs, and just generally trying to survive day to day!  Therefore, I needed a little help and ordered the Tin Star Foods GHEE I kept hearing about on my favorite podcast.  SO WORTH IT.  I have used it to saute my eggs, melt on potatoes, dessert recipes...delicious!


2. The Micronutrient Miracle


The Calton couple of Calton Nutrition have recently become some of my favorites.  I just ordered their previous books, "Naked Calories" and "Rich Food Poor Food" and I absolutely love these books!  I think they are GREAT for people trying to break into the healthy eating lifestyle.  THIS deal is even MORE amazing because if you preorder their newest book, The Micronutrient Miracle, you get $200 in Gift Cards!!  I have been dying to try many of these featured companies (I already know I love Thrive!) and now I'll have some money to spend just for purchasing a book! FTW!


3. Periscope


While I haven't ventured to make my own periscope vid, I do love watching others!  Since I love listening to podcasts, this is a natural transition.  Many of my favorite podcasters are just using Periscope as another avenue for teaching their content.  More free learning :)


4.  May Designs


One way I have to keep myself organized is by having a separate notebook for each aspect of my life....otherwise it would all be rolled into one and I would have no idea where I wrote notes for anything.  May Designs recently had a big blowout sale, so I personalized some of the notebooks.  As an office supply junkie, I'm obsessed!  These would be AWESOME for teachers.


5.  Purely Primal Skincare Guide


I love Liz Wolfe, and I had purchased her Purely Primal Skincare Guide as a PDF download a while ago, but only recently did I really start to dive in.  I love her approach in this guide, where she explains how nutrition, digestion, and topical treatments ALL effect what happens on our skin.  It also comes with some recipes.  If you are struggling with skin issues, this is a great resource for you.



Welp, that's it for this month!  Hoping my life calms down a bit and I have more time to blog in the following weeks.  Keep up with the "events" section - I'm going to be popping up around the Pittsburgh area in many different locations this month!


Please share if you purchase any of my 5 favorites :)


Live LIfe Well,



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